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Podcast about Miniature War Gaming including Bolt Action, Black Powder, and Chain of Command.
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Dec 2, 2016

We talk shop, then we discuss what-khan, Bolt Action armies for Merry Mayhem, then do some historical talking about the Anglo-Zulu wars, and finish with upcoming events and banter.


Sorry for the late Episode, we've been pretty busy and Brian could not get to editing it!   Settle down Grognards here's your episode!

Oct 17, 2016

Welcome to Episode 9 of the NFP, in this episode:

We have like an hour long section on Romania and their part in WWII including pre-war political environments in the area! Also included is a brief talk about the army in FoW, CoC, and BA including sourcing models, armor, conversions and more.

We then dive into some AWI historical Battles of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Cowpens and how to simulate the battles in Black Powder, Sharp's Practice, and The men who would be Kings.

The gang then delves into our first foray in BA V2 games with one another, the good, the bad, and the Turntabled Ugly ;)

We talk about events coming up and once again have another listener challenge for you all.

Sep 19, 2016

Welcome to Episode 8

In this episode, the guys talk shop with what's on their desks currently.

 After this Rear Admiral Filter goes into the ins and outs of Naval Thunder a Fleet Action tabletop rules set which leads into a great history segment by Phil and Aaron on the Spanish American War.

In part 3 we go into our short coverage of Bolt Action v2.0, our likes and dislikes and plans for future episodes.

We end with upcoming events and a challenge for our listeners.


Hope you enjoy.

Sep 15, 2016

Thanks for coming on Michael and Good Luck at your event!


Links to Fresh Coast Gaming:

Aug 11, 2016

What we did in our absence, new games, old games, someNaval Thunder, Sharpe's Practice v2.0, Konflict '47 talk, some Bolt Action Talk, just some general NFP ranting.

Jun 16, 2016

Phil and Brian take over the episode as Aaron is off training real 1:1 scale soldiers for this episode.

Part 1 Phil and Brian talk shop

part 2 - Bolt Action chat about Regional Meta, Army discussions, Rules Discussion and hints at rules in Version 2 of Bolt Action.

May 13, 2016

Long episode, hang in there folks.

Intro from the guys, followed by action at little wars  (AWI and Zulu demos) followed by an interview with the NFP's sponsor, then we end it with the guys ranting about the various Black Powder Supplements, future projects and upcoming conventions.  At the end of the episode we have a special interview with Jon Russel and Tony on the Warlords Open Games Day in Oklahoma City.

This should get you through about 5 armies worth of miniatures to listen to everything.

Apr 8, 2016

Brian interviews Ben Cone and Saemus Hamrin, players at the nationals at adepticon for Bolt Action.  Ben is the overall winner at Nationals.

Apr 8, 2016

Phil, Aaron, and Brian take you on a tour of their hobbies.

First we start with introductions, then we delve into Chain of Command with Phil's brother James.  Following that we touch up on missing Black Powder rules that we missed last podcast followed by Bolt Action, Bolt Action, and Bolt Action.


Mar 15, 2016

The NFP delves into a little Bolt Action, discuss the rules of Black Powder, and where to purchase and how to model minor nations in the game.

And this would not be a NFP if Brian's Audio wasn't screwed up!!!  Section 3, Brian has some bad echoing, but thankfully he doesn't speak much to ruin it for you all.

Thanks for listening.

Feb 11, 2016

In our 2nd podcast, we still have Brian with a crappy input, but not as bad as the first episode.   We go from what we have been doing, then delve into the errata and FAQs, the new Bolt Action Alliance rules, go into how to run campaigns in any game and then follow up on future events.


Jan 12, 2016

Introduction to the crew and what the podcast is all about.